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Mobile Home Parks are one of those few investment properties that you can buy and immediately start having cash flow. With the difficulty in obtaining financing on any type of commercial real estate right now, it is a buyer's market at last. If you are creditworthy and have the capital to invest there are some great mobile home park investments which have immediate 10% plus cap rates and 15% plus cash on cash returns.

If you are tired of negative cash flow on single family homes and low cap rates on apartments with the constant repairs that go along with them, then you might want to consider the best kept secret in commercial real estate... Mobile Home Parks!

In a poor economy, there tends to be a greater demand for affordable housing and this asset class fits that bill.

Learn how to profit with mobile home parks

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Why We Love Investing In College Towns By Dave Reynolds

Many people get excited about college football. We get excited about college-town manufactured home communities. These properties display unique characteristics that provide greater stability and investment quality than virtually any other attribute. Warren Buffett owns only one commercial real estate property: a strip center across from NYU. He has said many times that the main reason he bought i...
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How To Succeed With Small Manufactured Home Communities By Frank Rolfe

It’s often been said that the best things come in small packages – and that’s often true of manufactured home communities. While large properties tend to be the most often discussed and written about, there are thousands of smaller mobile home parks in the U.S. that are worthy of investment, and often offer outstanding financial returns with much lower risk. So how do you succeed with these ...
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The Top Three Things I Learned From Greatest Generation Community Owners By Dave Reynolds

I’ve been working with members of the Greatest Generation for my entire career. These are the people that literally built this nation and it’s been a great advantage to spend so much time talking and learning from these legends. Here are three of the most important lessons I’ve learned from these mentors. An unbelievable work ethic I have never seen as much energy as many community owners ca...
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