Dave Reynolds was born in and has lived in Colorado his entire life (other than a year stint in Texas rebuilding a mobile home park hit by a tornado).  Dave earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Mesa State College and also went to CSU for a master's in Accounting and Taxation.  He was introduced to the mobile home park business early on as his parents owned a couple of parks.  He became involved in the mobile home park industry in 1995 by purchasing his first community.  Since that time, he has purchased and operated more than 200 mobile home parks across the country and has been involved as a real estate broker for several more. 


The original MobileHomeParkStore site was developed by the previous owner from whom Dave purchased the domain name and site in late 1998.  He originally intended it to be a place to display his own listings.  However, the idea to start allowing others to display their mobile home park listings in order to create a nationwide MLS of mobile home parks was soon implemented and the website has been growing ever since.  The website currently receives over 400,000 page views per month and well over 1 million visitors per year. 


MobileHomeParkStore will continue to put BUYERS and SELLERS together and show that Mobile Home Parks can be great investments.  In addition, we will help you overcome some of the obstacles and pitfalls in the process.  For more than a decade we have helped 1000's of buyers, sellers, and community owners realize their dream of mobile home park ownership