Companies and Individuals Currently Looking For Partners/Investors In The Manufactured Housing Industry


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Erick Aguilar 626-340-9584 Looking for capital to rehabilitate an income producing real property, a mobile home park with 26 approved spaces: singlewide, doublewide, triplewide, trailer, and RV. The rental market value per space is about $400 a month plus utilities.
Ihaa Properties, LLC 360-584-6245 Looking for investor on a 40 unit manufactured home park with an 8 plex already in place. Current rental income supports mortgage payments. Looking for $250,000 investment.
Steve Douglas 361-404-0245 I need investor for buying multiple RV Parks in a booming area along Texas gulf coast (Dow, Tenaris, Phillip 66 expansions underway)
Ron and Diana Strodtman 314-304-1897 Looking for $250,000 down payment on successful up and running RV park in growing area in Missouri. Owner financing, we just need DP to get going. Extensive management experience.
Mark Battleson 305-224-8036 Investors with capital for Southeast and Florida MHPs. Sponsors must be experienced with a track record
Tim Bratton 650-948-3483 Looking for partners to join the LLC. Currently Sembrose LLC owns one RV Park, Chimney RV Resort in Mission Texas.
Peter Abraham 813-400-3537 Looking for equity partner to contribute 20% towards down payment for the purchase of lot rent only parks.
Danny Weaver 793-741-9584 I am a private investors looking for a company partnership.
Beverly Riley Long 205-230-1926 I am looking for a partner to invest in a small 12 lot mobile home park. There are 10 mobile homes which are owned and rented out with one lot that is vacant and one lot where the mobile home is currently being used as a storage building.
David Koltoniuk 909-244-4848 I am looking for an investor to help buy 1 to 3 mobile home parks within the next 1 1/2 years. I want to buy parks that are 50-65% full.
Erick Pallais Aguilar 626-340-9584 Mobile home park, 26 spaces, 5 acres of land in a service commercial district code, centrally located in the heart of 29 Palms, location is one of the best near the Marine Corp is the world largest USA military base and the new Indian Casino.
Rod Rena 352-307-3517 MH Buyer/Seller very Busy throughout FL and So. GA seeking Partnership with Professional minded Individuals to create a larger opportunity to buy MH's fast.
Rob Church 402-297-8455 I am seeking a lending partner to join 2-3 group to finance a park. I have $300,000 of the $850,000 needed secured. You would be a 1st lien holder with about 71% ltv. Wanting to pay 5-6% Principal and interest payments monthly for 3-5 years.
Myra Tonmoy 256-527-1198 I have 40 unit mobile home park under contract in Alabama. Looking for a 50/50 equity partner with a 150K investment.
Andy Kogut 727-507-1925 Seeking partner experienced in small mobile home park development. I am a real estate investor and have purchased a 10ac parcel near Ocala, FL zoned for mobiles.  I would like to partner with someone that is very knowledgeable and willing to contribute cash to supplement my investment.
Robb Reel 682-209-1224 Seeking Investor/partner/buyer for a mini MH park with room for expansion. I would like to buy and develop this park in Eastern Texas 2 hours SE of Dallas in the county seat. 4 acres are undeveloped and would require at least $200K to begin development.
Jim Williams 619-807-3179 I am looking to invest $100k in mobile homes as rentals. If you are looking at buying a park with all, or mostly all rentals, I can provide your down payment in return for the purchase of a certain number of homes in the park.
Sheridan Hodson 208-861-8052 Looking for investors or partners for the construction of a $2.7M RV park. Annual earnings before taxes will be approximately $800k. Please contact me for details and additional information.
Brad Holt 704-738-3534 Mobile Home Remodeler with 15 years experience looking for Investor to purchase parks in NC
Ronnie Smith 254-396-2074 I am looking for a partner to help me purchase Mobile homes. I have buyers lined up with adequate down payments in hand.
Peter Asanuma 760-715-2885 Looking for money partner to fill-up vacancy spaces at my RV/Mobile Home Park in southern California desert . Need $80K to $100K
Bill Mcneal 334-224-1125 Need Funds for purchase MHP's AL, GA, FL, MS. I have 20 yrs. experience Motel Mgt. Open to all offers. Wanted Owner Financed Parks.
Cy Manley 225-572-7544 I have experience in owning and operating mobile home parks. I also have up to $200,000 to invest in the right park with the right partner.
Dona Holder 970-201-6841 I am looking for someone who is willing to invest $40,000 to $100,000. i have 40 acres that I would like to put Mobile Homes on.
Myra Tonmoy 256-527-1198 We are working on a project to buy 5 Mobile Home Parks. LOOKING FOR EQUITY OR DEBT PARTNERS.
Andrew Li 510-859-7355 Looking for a financial partner to acquire a turnkey mobile home park with upside in the Midwest. Dollar amount is $200K-$500K. Exit 5-6 years later with cash out refinance.
Robert Wieler 204-871-5288 Seeking partner to purchase RV park in South TX Eagle Ford OIL Play. I have experience with RV parks and looking for Cash Partner. 500K investment with a 25% Total ROI. Will consider JV or Debt.
Dave Rousher 208-661-9799 Partners wanted $8,500,000 for $30,000,000 RV project. Park is full, unique and has an initial cash flow of approximately 15+%.
John Owen 512-289-8278 East Texas 78 space MH park under contract, looking for investors for this excellent value play. Call for details!
Kelvin Ayres 920-268-8880 Seeking investment capital for the purchase of mobile home parks in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois. Looking at parks 20 to 80 space in or very near major markets. Amounts needed for projects could range from $500 thousand to over $1 Million dollars
Doni Healy 678-849-4512 I am an experienced owner/manager of mobile home parks. Looking for investor in GA. You provide the financing. I provide the expertise. WIN WIN
Chris Moniz 828-318-5112 An ideal opportunity for person with limited cash and unlimited motivation. Looking for active partner/investor to manage and revitalize MHP in Southern Illinois.
Mike German 312-473-9816 Investor wants mobile home projects. Senior positions only.
John Patrick 724-984-4435 I have two rental properties on my land and a enormous waiting list I am seeking someone to be 50/50 partners with to install 30 to 60 rental units.
Shannon Baker 904-738-6460 Single mother looking for help from a investor to help buy a mobile home park, looking for $50,000 to $100,000
Lawrance Jawara 289-876-8890 Have investable funds and required an individual having a very profitable opportunity for investment in mobile home, will prefer being a silent investor in the investment.
Valinda Dickerson 843-345-3014 Looking for silent investor tor repairs to 19 units located in the Noisette Area of Charleston, S.C. Very sought after area. Easy to rent. Need ASAP
Mona Gupta 714-846-1301 I  am looking for investor or silent partner for a very good deal of MHP in CA. Need fund quickly $500,000. If interested call.
Adrian Garrison Email I have a deal that I would like to seek funding. This park is a small one with 12 units 100% occupied that grosses $70k per year and a net of $50k per year.
David Kilner 705-657-7137 Hello-- looking for investor partner to purchase large R.V. park in Ontario . I have over ten years managing and owning parks. thank you
George Bostan 480-203-6399 I am looking for equity partners to invest in acquisitions of mobile home parks, and /or apartment buildings. min $150k. please call 480-203-6399 for info.
Ryan Brown 843-625-0370 I am currently in the United States Air Force. I am Looking to partner with investors that want to purchase parks in SC, NC, GA, FL.
Jason Yerger 570-765-6395 I own 3 mobile home communities that are at 100% occupancy and have a waiting list to move in. Looking for investors to help expand the communities
Gary Hovland 507-864-7839 Seeking private lenders or s.d. ira holders debt or equity arrangements good returns secured by real estate to purchase mhp in MN. IA., WI.
Kelvin Ayres 920-268-8880 Seeking investment capital for the purchase of mobile home parks in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri. Looking at parks 40 to 110 space in or very near major markets. Amounts needed for projects could range from $500 thousand to over $2 Million dollars.
John Pfeifer 317-332-3890 Seeking partners/Investors to purchase smaller mobile home parks. Currently purchasing in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan. Currently owning in Illinois. Looking for 200-600K. Terms are flexible
TJ Tonmoy 757-831-8260 We are working on a project to buy 15 MHP in AL, TN, GA areas. LOOKING FOR EQUITY OR DEBT PARTNERS. We have experienced and knowledgeable team partners working with us.
Jim Antley 318-348-8734 Seeking hard money lender for short-term real estate project. Need 25k for final re-hab of two units in an 11 unit "extended-stay" hotel.
Sunder Isaac 478-955-6571 I am an investor seeking a partnership position in a mobile home park preferably in the Georgia area.
Bobby Houston 601-720-8661  I'm looking for a honest partner in a MHP that's thirty years old and i believe has big growth potential.
Chad Waite 806-592-2585 Looking for someone to help me purchase this great deal --
Christopher Fernandes Email  Looking for investor's) to do a short term investment of $55,000 @ 10% for 5 years for a mobile home park acquisition in Arizona. Contact me via email for proposal plan.
John Bishop 618-924-1900 I am looking for a partner to purchase Florida mobile home park with good cash flow and upside. I will live on site and manage and do maint.
Ronald or Blake Gardner 843-752-1600 We have money if you have a deal. We are aggressive real estate buyers looking for a deal. If you've got something on the table, but you can't get it funded and YOU KNOW it's a deal,
Delie Wilkinson 646-461-1329 Seeking a Business partner to invest 250K into our growing company and earn 70K per month fro a period of one year believe it so what are you waiting for?
Jeremiah Boucher 702-353-5622 Looking for hard money mobile home park lender. I own and purchase mobile home parks yielding excellent returns but now looking for capital to continue purchasing assets.
Byron .. Seeking partner with liquid funds of at least $100,000 to give an equity position in a mobile home park purchase of 1,000 spaces. Property is a 4 Star community with many nice amenities and is in a large metropolitan city.
Christopher Stephens 912-414-8827 Partners and Private funding NEEDED, to fund deals in Georgia. would like to fund MHP and SF mobile homes with land.
Lance Walker 214-448-9302 Looking for land or smaller park in East Texas or Ellis County.
Jim Peeples 530-314-0297 Looking for partner $100,000 down payment owner carry. Buys you 50% of business existing since 1961. 66. Lots on 16 acres w/ 2000 sq ft house property remodeled.
Luis Olvera 612-803-0142 Seeking $120K cash investor to help purchase/finance a $900K MHP in MN, outstanding potential to grow and increase your ROI... open to negotiate, stocks, note, middle to long term (4 - 5 yrs). If interested pls give me a call and/or e-mail me.
T.L. Mcmillan 757-409-6857 Need Investor, 2nd deed of trust.$465,000@10%, 30 yr Amortized. 5 yr call. Payment of $4,080. per month ( Interest)
Remona Jabar 914-562-8599 Experienced RE investor looking for funding to acquire more deals in Michigan. ROI of at least 50%. Management in place. Call or text anytime.
Don Blackford 402-680-7699 Looking for JV partners who have the down payment needed on great deals. I will find the deals or we will work together on them. The market is great for cash flow, so let's partner up now.
Randall Mirque 914-645-9050 Investor/Builder looking for same with land to build Single Resident Occupancy/Short term housing. Existing motel owners also sought.
Allstar Home Solutions Inc. 810-877-1557 I buy used Mobile / Manufactured Homes and resell them. I make average $3000 a house with 30 day turnaround. I am limited to what cash flow I have but could increase my production with a capital investor.
Ryan Young 949-499-7800 We have money to invest in MHP deals in So Cal. JV / Preferred Equity and we arrange the bank loan. Looking for a strong sponsor with proven track record of success to deliver double-digit returns.
Klint Stanley 732-267-4856
I am seeking an investor to help me purchase a MHP in Delaware. $200k required - 10% interest only for 5 years then entire principal returned.
Mark Smith 813-465-3421 Can 1031 exchange single family home 3B 2B in the Georgetown, Washington DC 20007 area currently rented out at $3200/mo for a Mobile Home Park or MHP partnership in Florida. Home value $800K loan remaining $329K.
John Galey 813-347-0979 Looking for a Financial partner in Mobile Home parks in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee or the Carolinas. Willing to do a 60/40 split you getting 60% of the profit after all expenses.
David Chambers 302-233-0148 REI Seeking investment Partnership for Higher Quality, Organized and Well Managed, Multiple Mobile Home and RV Parks in DE, MD VA, NJ, and PA. One at a time or Multiple Locations Simultaneously. Purchase Rebuild and Develop.
Jeff Haun 503-769-2282 I am looking for a $100,000 10 year loan. to use as down on a cash flowing Mobile Park in WA. I also have a line on many others. I need your help.
Rich Mehall 724-984-7635 Looking for mobile hone investor who has experience in developing mhp's. I have 8 acres of land and want to develop it into a mhp,
Joyce Gaines 703-565-4946 Looking for investor for residential property acquisition in VA and IN.  Your funds for rehab and purchase of property I will take a finders fee and you take the rest.
Marion Kidd 336-416-3395  Am looking for hard money investors for the buyout of my partner in a very profitable mobile home park that is 100% occupied with a waiting list to move in.
Belmont Services LLC
Nathan Bozarth

Looking for an investor to buy parks in Virginia.

Lee Winters 252-258-5928 I'm looking to purchase a solid, cash flowing mobile home park in Alabama or Georgia, and I am interested in buying with seller financing.
Maureen Smith 416-626-9661 Seeking investor/partner for the development of a new Park Trailer / RV Resort in Muskoka, Ontario. The park will have a unique Music and Arts focus, with live music concerts, entertainment and outdoor education.
Sabi Varon 404-886-0555 Looking for Debt / Equity Investors, high yield monthly returns secured by multi family or other commercial income producing REO's.
Jim Nissing 360-754-7623 Need to refinance second of $60,000 on 15 unit MHP on 10 acres in Washington. Value of the the park is $750,000 and the first is $270,000 with a cash out in 8 years.
M.D. Rielly Holdings, LLC Mike Rielly 310-720-9033 Currently acquiring multiple land-lease communities coast to coast over the next several years and would like to explore all options from direct investment to partnership in communities with some to great upside, but not total turn-arounds.
Jim Nissing 360-754-7623 Need 50% investor in existing RV park in AZ. Value is $600k owe $370k, need 50k and good credit to refi next year.
Steve Graves 571-216-6915 I've been the owner of Covered Oaks MHP in Conway/Myrtle Beach near Coastal Carolina University. We have 51 lots and own 34 homes that are leased month to month. Our park is always 95% +/- occupied. Looking for investor(s)
Susan Kasdan 623-340-5368 Acquisition and Development for new Mobile Home Park. Seeking Equity Partner: First Phase $3M, 100 pads, include entire recreation area, cafe and lake.
David Baker 757-485-7002 Mobile Home Dealer with 40+ years experience looking for short term partner(s) to purchase a Mobile Home Park in either Eastern VA or Northeastern NC.
Joe Aviola 678-948-8640 We are interested in working with a selected number of strategic partners and Investors to create mutual benefits and win-win solutions.
Steve Koffler 760-815-7974 THE KOFFLER INVESTOR GROUP is a full service company specializing in the buying and selling of manufactured home loans
Bob Stolz
RWS Property Investments
973-229-5600 Experienced mobile home park owner/developer seeking investors to purchase MH parks on the East Coast.
Dexter Lee 803-427-4252 Seeking investor to finance a $180,000 mobile home park in Columbia, SC @ 100%. I have vacant land that can be used for collateral. call 803-427-4252
Kenneth West 719-683-5575 We are looking for an equity partner(s). We have a park to put under contract right now. We are confident it is a good deal; which means a good ROI, minimum 10%, but we aim for more.
Teena Colebrook 877-691-7858 Need investors to buy homes for resale, we have people calling for homes with owner terms, we have space to put them, need investors to urgently fill the spaces
Bryan Schadler Sr. 269-240-3322 Institutional Investor seeking 55 and older vacant land and MHP Nationally. Will purchase or NNN lease the property. Looking for solid locations with a stable future
Beth Fasnacht 770-490-2100 I buy apartments and mobile home parks in emerging or stable markets. I buy only for cash flow in areas that offer a strong backend.
Dwight Andrews 202-491-4071 Investor looking for a partner to buy mobile home park or commercial properties with, have some cash, and experience in construction.
Eldon Thompson 877-874-1997 Investor(s) needed to buy "MHPs" in Western U.S.
Ron Coile 817-361-0486 Looking for JV, money partners or private lenders for mobile home parks and apartment multifamily. Purchase, cash flow and resale.
H. Fields 714-625-8487 Seeking an investor who is interested in setting up mini storage business, office building, mini market, or Convenient store in our property in Morganton, NC. 
Renee Nordland 480-363-0215 Mobile Home Flipper looking for MOBILE HOME NOTE BUYERS.  I buy, fix up and then sell with owner financing.  Looking for you to buy my notes.
Jim Antley
Bayou Property Mgt.
318-348-8734 Experienced property manager in North Louisiana looking for investors to take advantage of a currently extremely hot market. In control of dirt in a wide area of North La. and experienced in Lonnie deals.
Kathy Vie 408-390-6355 Would like to find investors. I was looking at mobile homes. parks. But it takes time Would like to Do A new one from scratch. Or find something.
Estate of Mind, LLC
203-522-2628 Investor seeking financing partner for purchases of apartment bldgs and mobile home parks in strong markets.  Need between $500k - $2,000,000 to fund acquisition of great deals.
Ross Gates 585-352-0270 Private investor is looking for Mobile Home Parks in the Western New York area. Anything from Buffalo to Syracuse and down to the Dansville area.  Substantial capital is available for the right property. 
Affordable Homes
Daniel Dawson
309-275-5175 Looking for investors to fill 22 spaces in our park.
Jerry Rogers
Meridian Development Group
863-393-8861 30 year General Contractor - Grading / Heavy /Highway / Utility will partner on Mobile Home Park development for ownership stake in properties in SE Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina.
Tim Dorst
TKD MW Investments LLC
843-670-8466 Looking for investor or Lonnie Dealer to partner with to purchase several repo mobile home for my mobile home park in upstate Louisiana - great area - hot market.
L. Higgins
Greenbriar Properties
Partner, Investor or Buyer wanted for 200-600 space 55+ community in Maryland Eastern Shore
Earl Beechum 512-731-3191 I am looking for investors, who would like to make good return on money & easy cash flow. I am looking for funds to buy/rehab/sell modular/manufactured on land in Austin, TX area, and near-by surrounding cities
Ron Farkash 508-287-5978 Looking for investor/partner for acquisition in Boston, MA area.  36 space well established park, no POH's, strong cash flow, great demographics, city water/sewer, good upside through sub metering, rent increase, 2 vacancies.
Frank Dix
Dix Enterprises Inc.
304-619-8853 Experienced 17 year mobile home park owner/operator along with residential and vacation rentals, looking for investors
Jen MacArthur
7 Seas Investment Group
231-409-1348 I am looking for an investor/s to front the money for mobile homes in parks to resell on financing. I'll do the work, find, create and negotiate the deal, just need the funds. Please call or email. *Looking forward to doing business. .
Hae Fields 877-270-3485 Looking for Lonnie Deal investors in a small mobile park in Morganton, NC. High demands for rents or purchase. 8 to 10 lots available.  
Andre TerBlanche 615-557-3315 Lake Home with boat dock in Gallatin, Tennessee to trade for Mobile Home Park anywhere in Middle Tennessee. 
Walter "Bud" Kerr
Westside Mobile Park
970-946-9695 Well established Mobile home Park looking for refinance. Looking to refinance $1,500,000 @7%. Balloon in ten years/30 year amortization. Park value $2,850,000 (52% loan to value).
Laundry Associates, Inc.
David Hillhouse
601-938-7412 Looking for private money, hard money, money partners to invest in parks in east central Mississippi. Ten years real estate experience, business management / ownership experience.
Brian Cornwell
Mobile Palms 29, LLC
480-273-2017 Park owner in 29 Palms, California, looking for a partner with trailers that needs to rent or sell to end users and wants a park owner to work with.
William Gallagher
B.M.C. Properties, LLC
916-628-0590 Looking for private investor, or partnership. Great opportunity  in this park in Live Oak Florida.
Don Hudgins
Don Hudgins Properties
404-886-6849 Seeking investor to expand a large mobile home suboutside Atlanta, GA
Mike Cheatham
Upright Home Sales
757-639-9185 I'm looking for investor to purchase used mobile homes and finance. Your money, My work. I have been in the business for 20 years.
Darrell Simon 415-440-1316 We have a tract of land with good frontage and great location between Opelousas and Lafayette, LA. Land is 108 Acres.
Floyd Sweatt 803-417-0880 We are looking for immediate funding to purchase great mobile home parks in SC.
John Merchant, JD
MesaRoya Properties, LLC
253-228-2277 I buy and sell older good condition single wide MHs in MH Parks to good quality residents.
I'll take small down payment and take buyer's  promissory note so as to make a nice return on my investment.
Randall Browning
Browning Rentals
812-828-7325  I am looking for someone that is interested in being a silent investor. I am looking to purchase from Central Indiana to southern Alabama.
Michael McClanahan 208-859-6068 Looking to trade 3 parcels land in Palm Springs for mobile home park in southwest Idaho.
Ken Barnes 321-794-7111 Looking for silent partner to finance mobile home park purchase. You provide cash, I provide cash flow.
Jim Clark
Grace Properties
951-733-1703 Seeking equity position investors for MHP acquisitions.
Up North Ventures, LLC 262-748-3625 Looking For Lonnie Dealers To Set Up Shop In My Parks In Northern Wisconsin.
El Sueno Communities
John W. Daugherty
505-459-3072 Investors for mobile home financing.
Jacob Doushy 916-459-6179

Seeking Partner/investor for mobile home park expansion project in California

Premier Homes
Gordon Dawson

I have located several MHP/RV park sites of various sizes. Would like to joint venture with money partner.

Westgate Village Homes, LLC
Samuel Crego

Owner of subdivision seeking capital to purchase manufactured homes and place within subdivision.

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