Here are expired listings for Mobile Home Parks for Sale. in Connecticut.

Weber's Mobile Home Park

All Age
20 Lot Mobile Home Park with 3600 sq.ft. Multifamily Building consisting of 3 - 2 Bedroom Apartments situated on 1.78 Acres. Offered with 12 park owned trailers price subject to negotiation, Contact listing agent for offering memorandum

Weber's Mobile Home Park

20 lot Mobile Home Park with 3 - 2 Bedroom Apartment in Frame Structure situated on 1.78 Acres; There are 12 park owned trailers which are available seperately

Weber's Mobile home park

All Age
20 watt Mobile Home Park with a 3600 square foot multifamily building consisting of three two bedroom apartments

4-Space Mobile Home Park

Property currently has 3 mobile home lots and a single family home located in the towns of Montville and Salem, Connecticut, consisting of approximately 13 acres.

Long Cove Park

• 6 – Unit Investment Property o 3 – Mobile Home Pad Sites (all leased) o 2 – Ranch Style Homes (both leased) o 1 – Garage Rental • Gross income $3275/month • 2.41 Acre site • Homes recently renovated • Tenant owned mobile homes ar...

Testland Park

Large property with 12 MH in desirable area near river.....