Newby Management is proud to offer you a depth of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Our corporate team is diverse and constantly growing to meet your needs. Our company has exclusively served the manufactured housing industry for over 40 years, so you can have peace of mind knowing that our longevity and history precedes us. Our knowledge comes from years of experience that you can count on. See a list of our all-inclusive services below and call today if you have any questions.



Newby Management is a full-service manufactured home property management company. We have been serving the Florida manufactured housing industry for over 40 years, so we know the unique challenges your property faces. We will approach your property individually as we assess your needs, strengths, goals and dreams. Our team will handle your property as if it were our own.

Manufactured Home Property Management Services:

  • Resident Relations

  • Collecting Rents

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Rule Enforcement

  • Property Visits

  • Community Clean-up

  • Disaster Relief

  • Maintenance

  • Create & Promote Lifestyle

  • Hold Meetings for Rent Increases

  • Comply with State & Federal Guidelines

  • Host Social Events

  • Physical Plant Management

  • 24-Hour Crisis Management



Handling the finances of a manufactured home or RV community can be daunting. At Newby Management, our accountants will handle your money as if it were their own. They are vested in the outcome of your financials as they provide excellent customer service and financial reporting. When you make your requests known, our accounting team will meet them consistently. Our financial service package can be customized to meet the unique needs or your manufactured home or RV community. Unlike other property management companies, you will have the comfort of direct access to the accountant who handles your finances on a day-to-day basis. We employ a multi-level control of funds. No one Team Member can enter, approve, process invoices for payment, nor sign the checks. Here is how the process works: The onsite manager receives the invoice, they review, code, approve and enter the invoice into the Internet-based software with a copy of the invoice scanned into the payment request. The Accounts Payable Team Member reviews the payment request and sends it to the Regional Manager for approval. The Accountant handling the community will review the invoice batch. Once approved by the Regional Manager the check is printed and signed by one of the officers of the company. Once the check is signed the Accounts Payables Team Member then mails out the check.

Accounting Services:

  • Budgets

  • On-Time Payment Processing

  • Rent Collection

  • Professional Financial Reporting

  • Manage/Reconcile Bank Accounts



Our human resources team at Newby Management will be sure you have the right team members for the right positions in your community. We know you are busy and complying with federal standards can be very time consuming. Our HR team stays current with the industry so you can feel confident knowing your community is on track.

Human Resources Services:

  • Management Training

  • Competent On-Site Personnel

  • Hire/Terminate Team Members

  • Advertise and Recruit for Open Positions

  • Ensure Compliance with Federal and State Laws

  • Complete Background and Drug Screenings

  • Administer Skills & Personality Tests

  • Provide Workers Compensation

  • Benefit Administration 

  • Unemployment Claims



Newby Management has started an IT entity, Community Technology Services. CTS is readily available to meet the technical and digital needs of your community. From management and support to installation and protection, our team will keep your community covered. Our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of advances in the industry so your community will always be in the loop.


IT Services:

  • Website Design and Management

  • Software Management

  • PC/Hardware Support

  • WiFi Systems

  • Security Camera Systems

  • Ongoing IT Training

  • Virus Protection and Updates

  • Back-up Systems

  • Wholesale Pricing on Hardware

  • License Tracking

  • Remote Support



In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the sales and marketing team at Newby Management works to stay current across all mediums. The in-house talent available to clients is unparalleled in the manufactured housing industry, and gives the team a unique ability to create one-of-a-kind products and marketing programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs of your manufactured home or RV community.


Sales & Marketing Services:

  • Corporate Photographer

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Training

  • Online Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Leads Management

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • Licensed Mobile Home and RV Dealer

  • Sales Agent in Community

  • Online Listing Service for Sale Homes 



As a growing company, Newby Management proudly represents over 42 investors in the acquisition and fee management of manufactured home and RV communities. Under the name of Newby Realty our in-house Florida licensed real estate agents serve as buyers agents. In this capacity, we perform a variety of the many specialized tasks related to acquisition of manufactured home and RV communities. Some of these tasks include feasibility studies, financial analyses, market studies, facilitating of due diligence and negotiating the best price for the buyer.

 Brokerage Services:

  • Assist Homeowners in the Home Sales Process

  • Assist Homeowners in the Home Purchasing Process

  • Handle Brokerage of Manufactured Home and RV Communities for Investment Groups

  • Serve as Dealers of Manufactured Home and RV Park Models 



Our fast-paced society often neglects the emotional and spiritual needs of people. Our chaplaincy program is designed to connect with the Team Members, Residents, Community Owners and Vendors on a deeper level, providing touch of humanity that is often lacking in the workplace.

 Chaplaincy Services:

  • Visit Sick & Lonely

  • Care Notes, Daily Breads

  • Establish Bible Studies & Church Services

  • Bible Program

  • Funerals

  • Marriages

  • Senior Assistance Resources

  • Deliver Food and Flowers to Residents in Need

  • Team Building 



Newby Management takes the needs of residents to heart. We consider our residents as a very important asset. We value our resident s opinions. One way in which we receive their opinion is the use of surveys. We track our resident's opinions and comments a system called Insight TRACK . Insight TRACK was developed by the University of Florida and consists of 17 questions about their community. The information received from the residents lets us know their level of satisfaction and is great for developing management plans and ideas for capital improvements, and addresses safety issues and other resident concerns.


Newby Management Led Resident Services:

  • Spring Strawberry/Ice Cream Socials

  • Summer BBQs  



In 1994, Newby Management established NEAT to respond to disasters that may occur in our communities. These disasters include Hurricanes, Fire, Tornadoes, Flooding and Terrorism. We will prepare the management within your communities to deal with disasters in an organized manner to help protect your residents and assets. Our corporate team members and resident volunteers also undergo training, so we are prepared before a disaster strikes to assist onsite management teams in the recovery process.


NEAT Services: 

  • Training for Corporate Office and Community Team Members

  • Train and Equip Onsite Managers and Volunteers to Respond to Disasters in Their Community and Sister Communities as Needed

  • Incident Command System

  • Two Fully Stocked NEAT Trailers Available for Community in Need