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Rent Manager’s Specialized MHC Software Manages Properties, Utilities, Accounting and …Now Loans

CINCINNATI, OH – With a 23 year history serving the MHC industry, Rent Manager™ has continued to focus on improving its software to meet the demands of this unique business arena. Rent Manager’s early days began as software that focused on handling rent and utility billing for manufactured housing communities. David Hegemann, president of Rent Manager™ / LCS Inc. (parent company - London Computer Systems Inc.) started in 1982 working with his father who owned a campground and MHC. Dave took the initiative to utilize emerging computer technology and wrote the first version of a rental and utility billing software for easier accounting which eventually evolved into Rent Manager™.

To meet the constant growth of this industry, Rent Manager™ has been rewritten three times from the ground up to ensure a software product of the highest quality. To get the product to that level, Rent Manager™ software writers and product specialists collaborated with their customers for input as each edition has been updated and improved. This team-focused effort with customers has brought a real world functionality to the product unlike any others.

“It was cleaner, faster and simpler than anything we had used previously,” states Andy Camden, president of The Sax Realty Group, a manufactured home property management company based in Milford, Ohio. Mr. Camden also declares, “When we acquire new properties, we automatically set up Rent Manager™ and discard whatever software they were using. It’s so easy to make the switch and add the new property into the system for monitoring their accounting.” Sax Realty Group has managed 2,700 units using Rent Manager™ software for six years.

Rent Manager™, with features designed specifically for the MHC industry, will not only manage properties and handle accounting functions, but also process owner-financed loans and calculate metered utilities – all from one program.

The latest component to be added in July 2005 is the Loan Manager feature which has been a recent update due to current industry trends of more MHCs managing their own loans. This feature was integrated into Rent Manager™ to allow tracking of all information for owner-financed loans by breaking down the interest, principal and other charges without having to open up another program.

Easy utility billing is another strong aspect of Rent Manager™. And for properties in

California, Texas, Arizona and Michigan, Rent Manager™ offers an advanced billing module to handle the complex multi-tier utility rate structures of these states. Rent Manager™ is the only property management software in the industry that offers this capability – and has for several years.

Customers can choose from a stand-alone software version or an online version that allows them to look at multiple properties from different locations in real-time mode. Continental Communities, who operates 45+ manufactured home communities with almost 80 managers throughout the U.S., has used Rent Manager™ since 2001. “It’s definitely what we were looking for in enabling us to operate all of our properties on the same database. Our managers are all over the country and entering payments as they are received. Now, we’re able to look at all of that online in real time.” says Kurt McCullum, Technical Operations Manager.

Today, Rent Manager™ is used globally for all types of property management including: apartment communities, student housing, commercial properties, condominiums, storage facilities, vacation homes and homeowner associations – but is still most well-known and used in the MHC industry. Because of its specialized capabilities, more manufactured housing communities are using Rent Manager™ than any other software on the market.