April 8, 2004

Mobile Home Park Owner News

Published by: Jim Carmichael

Wall Street Journal March 30, 2004


Mobile Home Industry Tries To Haul Itself out of Big Slump

If you haven’t had a chance to read this Front Page article, you need to. If you need a copy, email or call me and I will get it to you. But the heart of the matter deals with some history of our industry and how it’s got into its current status.

It is well written and has some good contributions from industry professionals. Mr. Buffet’s acquisition of Clayton and its subsequent offer to buy Oakwood out of bankruptcy is highlighted as well. And probably why we are finally getting some positive, honest attention.

What do you think?


Good News I Think

Does the rate of incoming/outgoing tenants seem to have leveled off? Maybe even gaining more than losing?

I think the bottom has leveled off. AND THAT IS GOOD NEWS !!!

If past trends are any indication of the future, then the slow climb back to a normal (5%-10%) vacancy should begin very soon. You will only need to weather the storm two to three more years.

I still think the market will settle for the senior and upscale family communities first. There will be more retirees than new families in the near future. As an investor/owner wanting to maximize their return and future profit, you need to consider this.


Current Market Trends 

Not a lot has changed in the last six months really. The wait and see mentality has really hunkered down. Lenders are looking at CAP rates in the nines for a ‘B’ park. Communities with park owned homes are in the 14%-16% CAP range.

I am seeing some buyers that know the reality of the market looking for turnaround properties. But it all boils down to real, verifiable numbers. The buyers are definitely there.

If you have reached the point where you are considering selling, call Jim Carmichael for a free analysis of your community.


Good News

If you think you can wait, you will miss the opportunity. I believe senior parks and upscale family parks will sell in the 7% -8% CAP range very soon.

Why? Because when analyst looks back on this period they will see the stability of these types of communities. These properties will demand and receive a much higher price.

But again, the tide is turning. It won’t be long for things to return to some sense of normalcy. And MHP being the apple of investor’s eyes.


Reader Input 

Is there any topic you would like to see covered in this quarterly publication? Our new format allows us four pages to use. Contributing writers are welcomed. We are also considering selling some ad spots. Now that we are reaching a broad audience, I think it would be a valuable tool.

If you have any interest in the above email me or call me at my office.


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