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Todd Fletcher


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  • Price: $647,475
  • Land: This is land for developing a mobile home park
  • Property ID: 1061322
  • Posted On: Apr 24, 2019
  • Updated On: Feb 1, 2021

Property Description

• Opportunity to develop a new manufactured home community on approximately 62.1 acres with a slight rolling topography. Our understanding is that ±30 of the acres are usable to create home lots. However, the original layout accounted for septic but city sewer may become available, thus the available acreage may increase.
• The county will determine the feasibility of extending sewer services to the project and any extension will be at the cost of the county, not the developer. The property is attractive for sewer extension but is technically just outside of the utility services area as mapped by the county. This is a technicality requiring approval by the commissioners. Lift station is located just over 2,000 feet from the site across Fayetteville Rd (see maps in Document Library for more information).
• Property is already zoned as RMH (Residential Manufactured Home) so no re-zoning is required.
• Current restrictions allow for a maximum density of nine sites per acre. With around 30 developable acres (which may increase as mentioned above), this should currently accommodate up to approximately 270 total lots.
• According to seller’s research, the capacity fee to tap into existing public water/sewer lines is $820 per lot for water and $1,200 per lot for sewer. This charge is inclusive of all fees.
• There is a city easement to eventually connect Twin Creek Dr and Noble Dr. It may make sense for a developer to pave this and make it easier for tenants

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Park Information

Size: 62 acre(s)

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