Upland Investment Realty
Christian V. Child Owner & Broker

4572 Wellington Street
Holladay, UT 84117

Phone: 801-205-9748
Fax:      801-340-0273

Email: child.christian@gmail.com

Web: www.linkedin.com/in/chris-child-58a9b92

I am licensed in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado, where I ve closed park transactions for more than 15 years. I m based in Utah, ideally located to serve our rapidly growing regional economies in the Intermountain West. My mission is to build wealth and secure financial independence for my valued clients and customers by sourcing high-yielding investment real estate opportunities, and by providing top-notch, transaction-management services. My offerings include senior communities and all-ages parks located in cities, towns and rural communities. Some of the parks are in populous locations that make them ripe for redevelopment.

Please note that park inventories in my markets are at a historic low, so I might not have what you re looking for right away. Please start by emailing or texting me your investment criteria, and please confirm to me that you have readily available equity and lender resources. I ll let you know as soon as I have a park available that might meet your objectives. I always welcome phone calls from sellers and qualified buyers.

Enjoy convenient access to our listings and please take the time to call me today at (801) 205-9748 to discuss your future plans and current needs.  I look forward to providing you with real estate services.

In any event, I wish you great success in your search for quality investment opportunities.

Christian V. Child, Owner & Broker , Upland Investment Realty

Cell Phone/Text (801) 205-9748

E-Mail child.christian@gmail.com

Real Estate Licenses: Principal Broker (UT 5466127-PB/884033-CN00), Employing Broker (CO E140044605)

Designated Broker (ID DB34806/PR41796), and Responsible Broker, (WY 10759)



Last Revised March 13, 2016

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