Companies and Individuals Currently in the Market To Purchase Mobile Home Parks and Communities

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Brandon Tamura 559-355-1460 Contact
Partners' Parks LLC 818-919-0159 Mid-Atlantic, South-East, Mid-West, including GA, FL, SC, NC, TN, OK, OH, KY, NE. Will also consider properties nationwide
KP Asset Management 708-606-7922 Nationwide
Jack Martin 480-462-5220 Primarily in the Arizona
Eagle Vision Legacy, Inc. 510-499-6766 Nationwide
Blaine Holdings, LLC 206-883-3908 WA, OR, ID, MT, CO, UT, TX, GA, NC, SC, TN, AZ, NM
Boyd Call 801-544-9324 Nationwide
SAS Holdings, LLC
Alec Stephens
619-764-1550 Nationwide
Jim Wilson 805-863-3070 Nationwide
Lilly & Company 415-691-7138 TX, OK, KS, NE, SD, ND, MN, IA, MO, AR, KY, IN, IL, WI, or OH.
Ultimate Real Estate, LLC
Robert Cirulnick
954-296-8850 AL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MO, NC, NE, OH, OK, PA, SC, TX, WI.
Capstone Investment Group, LLC
Jenn Lee
650-380-2850 East Coast is primary focus (Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast). Midwest is secondary focus.
Will also consider deals nationwide. Will consider portfolio deals too.
Todd Conner 540-525-5521 Southeastern and Northeastern U.S.
Parthenon Properties, LLC
Christen Edel
512-739-5913 TX, CO, OK, KS, MO, TN, NC, KY, AR, NE
Clinton Grim 404-488-3282 Nationwide
Gottlieb Properties, INC
Tomas M. Gottlieb
425-882-4321 Nationwide
Heritage Financial Group, LLC
Aaron Wellington
574-522-8000 x312 IN, IL, OH, MI, FL, SC, NC, TX, IA, MO, GA
Linscheid & Associates
Wayne Linscheid
303-794-5230 ..

IQ Mobile Home Parks LLC

877-220-5559 Buying Mobile Home Parks Nationwide
Iron Oak Properties
John Vashon
925-640-7121 Northern California and Southern Oregon
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