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Mobile Home Parks, unlike other types of investment property, can actually be more lucrative in a recession. 

The benefits of this type of investment property include:

Double Digit Cap Rates - High and Real Returns, and Consistent Cash Flow

Free Webinar - Why Invest in Mobile Home Parks
With Frank Rolfe & Dave Reynolds

Learn the real life business of finding, negotiating, performing due diligence, buying, operating, turning around, trouble shooting and selling mobile home parks, including the insider secrets and tricks to making money in this extremely important commercial real estate niche.

Mobile home park investing offers real cap rates of 10-20%, and cash on cash returns of 15% to 30%+.  However, the business is much more complicated than it appears.  To buy mobile home parks successfully, you have to know what makes a good deal, and how to negotiate it aggressively and make the right steps to maximize your return.

Learn why this business has some extreme advantages over other forms of investment property including:

  • Why the tenants can't leave without paying $3,000.00 to move

  • Non-recourse, seller financing is abundant with 10-25% down

  • How to buy at a going in 10% cap rate or higher

  • The reasons you can double income in 3 to 5 years with little effort

  • How to avoid big risks through public utilities and direct billing

  • All you own is dirt - there are no toilets to fix or roofs to replace

  • Two of the Forbes 400 made their fortune in mobile home parks

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Some Comments About our Educational Products & Events:

Dave and Frank -
Thanks to your teachings, my wife and I just finished purchasing our first mobile home park and wanted to send along a “thanks” to both of you. When we initially considered getting involved in the mobile home park business, we noticed there were multiple sites offering books, manuals and “bootcamps”, etc. After more closely comparing the available options, your credentials and deep knowledge of the industry won us over. We subsequently purchased (and read!) all of your materials and attended one of your bootcamps. We can honestly say that without your guidance and teachings, we either would have purchased a park in completely the wrong way (as we feel most other “gurus” appear to teach) or we would have been floundering with the “next steps”.  Although we had the natural questions of “are we wasting our money” when we first ordered your materials, within the first few chapters, we realized that we had found the right source for information. Your books and CDs did a great job of getting us up to speed regarding MHP investing, and attending the bootcamp was critical for getting us past our final concerns and questions. By the end of the bootcamp, we felt like we had much more clarity on what kinds of parks make money, how to analyze the numbers relating to a park, how to best negotiate with sellers and the key risks to be aware of. We also felt like we had the knowledge to operate the park after closing with the forms, leases, rules, etc. you provided as part of the bootcamp.  My wife and I are very analytical and detail oriented by nature and your materials are written with phenomenal clarity and depth. The 10+ years of expertise and experience you both have in the industry clearly shows. After thoroughly reading your manuals and listening to your CDs and attending your bootcamp, we had few questions left about how to proceed and be successful in the business. Additionally, as we started finding parks that interested us, we followed your due diligence manual thoroughly. Again, this guided us through each step of the way, and the logic to each step was clearly explained.  As we have continued to review what other websites and their associated “guru’s” are peddling, we are 100% confident in your teachings, and we feel fortunate that we started our MHP investing career AFTER you decided to start teaching.
Thanks again for all of your help, Steve T.
Comment on the entire MHP series I have now officially completed listening to all of the CD series as well as participating on a number of teleconference calls.  I would have to say that the information that Dave and Frank provided and the manner in which it was organized and presented, was the best use of my time on this subject.  No where else that I know of is this information available in this amount of depth.  Your total openess and honesty about what works, what doesn't and mistakes that you have made in the past are part of what made your series so beneficial.  Bringing the information to your listeners via CD and teleconference was so much better than the typical 3 or 4 day seminar series where no topic is ever covered to any great extent.  Congratulations and I thank you for your efforts in helping the rest of us better understand this business, how to evaluate, how to make money, but most importantly, how not to lose money.  D. Phelps
Thanks Dave,

I have read the first 10 pages and am already very pleased at the content and what I've learned. The 10/20 rule is a great idea and I can see very clearly how this made you money. The profits are actually made in the due diligence. As Robert Kiyosaki also said in his "Rich Dad" series, your profits are made when you buy, not when you sell. Nice work! Thanks again and God bless.

Thanks Dave your 10 20 principle is awesome


Far exceeded my expectations! Thank you for a great package and fast delivery!

G. North

This e-book has a wealth of information, and is enjoyable to read - Thanks

Many useful experiences to draw from. I recommended to everyone

Fantastic educational material!  At least I never bought anything with well water!
Excellent info. Everybody interested in mobile home parks should get this!!!

Hi Dave,

I recently purchased your and Frank's "MHP College" CD set and want to thank you for such a terrific package.  I'll be purchasing my first MHP. 

Best regards,

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the 3 sets of CD's.  Now I can listen to you Masters while chauffeuring the kids around.  As I am learning, I am continued to be amazed how much experience and knowledge you two have.  Thank you for the stories.  And please help me to say "thank you" to Frank Rolfe too.

Thanks,  Stella

Just signed up for the university and listened to the first session...very good!

Thanks, Chris

Just a quick note to say, thank you and that you have already saved my sanity, and many sleepless nights of worry. Your experience and expert advice has made a real difference in how I handle things in my trailer park. Thanks Again!!! I look forward to the next session!


Frank and Dave,

Just wanted to let you know that, I really appreciate MHPCollege. I have been in the Mobile Home Park industry for several years now and thought I would have known all there is to know about it. However, I quickly realized that I was wrong. If this course had been available back when I started out, I could have saved thousands of dollars and made a million or more. I owe all of my future success in the Mobile Home Park Industry to you both!


R. Stephens
Information overload! Great stuff, thanks much.